January 30th, 2007

Winter weather wear

It has gotten colder here in Chicago and it's been snowing, albeit lightly, almost every day. I like it - it's pretty. And despite the fridged weather I've continued walking to work, seeing how cold it can get before I no longer am able to do so. This morning it was 10 degrees fahrenheit and it was not so bad, although my toes hurt by the time I got to work. I'll need to wear thicker socks tomorrow. This evening it was 14, but windier, so it felt much colder. Again my toes were frozen, but the rest of me fared well.

I wear my thick wool coat and several scarves when it is this cold, as well as an amazing fur hat, given to me by snowy_owlet two years ago. The snow owls certainly know how to manage the cold; I don't think I'd be able to be outside for long without it. People say funny things to me when I wear my amazing hat. it ("oh my God there's a person under there!" or "wow, somebody dressed for the weather!") but they do not know that I am out walking in the cold for two hours each day. I love this hat.

I got my hair cut after work (just a trim) and then walked home. It is 14 degrees outside and 58 degrees inside. Apparently the radiators are not in sync with the weather. I have my faux fur draped around my shoulders and I've set the space heater on "high". If nothing else, my dinner stew will warm me up.
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