February 15th, 2007

A place to call home

My apartment search is over.

I viewed the #1 apartment on my list after work and it was clearly nice enough that it wouldn't remain on the market for long, so I went ahead and signed for it. At $800 a month (utilities included), it's an amazing steal given it's location near the intersection of Clark and Fullerton. The lake, the park and the zoo are all within easy walking distance, as is my job (it will be as close as it is now, in any case) and public transportation, should I ever fall lame. I move in on April 1st.

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The guy who currently lives there clearly does not have a girlfriend, but the place was clean and in good repair. I'm glad it has a decent kitchen, too, for all of my future culinary adventures. Some of the places I saw listed at $950 and higher had tiny little "efficient" kitchens, so I'm glad to have a decent sized stove/oven and plenty of counter space and cabinets. I'm also glad it didn't come with any "amenities" - a dishwasher would just take up extra space and never get used. The building doesn't have storage, a bike room, workout room or pool, either, but then I would never use any of those things, either. It does have a laundry room, however, and that will get used. No laundry room would have been a deal-breaker.

It's too bad I have to wait six weeks before I can move in, but it's good to have my search over and be able to turn my attention to collecting boxes and contacting a (reputable!) moving company. With the few things that I have, it shouldn't cost much or be (excessively) difficult.

I'm excited.

I'll let you all know when the house-warming party will be :)