March 7th, 2007



We've been working on a big pitch at work, coming up with as many ideas as we possibly can. On top of that I've been designing imagery to support our ideas. I've been working on a small team to develop this stuff; it's me, a writer and a assistant creative director. But I've been doing the lion's share of the work (of the ideas we presented today, about 70% of them were mine).

The meeting went well. I was offered a seat near the lead account people (many others had to stand), and when it came time for the interactive department (that's my team) to present our work, the head creative director put me in the spotlight and had me lead everyone through my ideas (the other two on my team didn't get to do this). No one had warned me ahead of time that I'd be presenting to a room packed full of higher-ups, but I did just fine.

An hour later the head creative director called me into his office and offered me an additional project to work on - a fun one, not the usual day-to-day type of work.

It's nice, this feeling that I CAN DO IT.
The glass ceiling I smashed up against at my old job isn't there at the new one.