March 14th, 2007

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IKEA furniture question...

Knowing that I'll need to buy furniture once I have moved into my new apartment, I've had beds, sofas and coffee tables on my mind.

I was browsing the IKEA web site during lunch today, and was interested in some of the things I saw.

Have any of you been pleased with furniture that was bought at IKEA?

I've been there in the past and gotten smaller things like lamps and kitchen accessories, but never anything substantial. I'm not a fan of their plastic/cheap/weird stuff, but do like some of their basic pieces, like this bed frame, and this coffee table. I wonder about the quality of their furniture, though. It's really inexpensive - does that translate into crappy?

I've heard some people swear by IKEA (so inexpensive! So modern! Just what I needed!)  and others curse it (it broke the first day! It's all crap!). Any thoughts or stories of past experiences would be really appreciated.
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