March 24th, 2007


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Boxed up

The apartment is pretty much boxed up now, everything but the barest essentials to get me through the week. My lower back is a little sore, so I'm glad the actual move isn't until next weekend, not that I'll be doing any of the actual work. The moving company is sending a team of 4 men here on Sunday afternoon and I imagine it will go quickly, especially as the boxes are all on the light side.

I've kicked up a lot of dust moving things around today, and my next priority should probably be to sweep the floor. There are dust rhinoceroses roaming around.

Going through my Closet of Things That I Do Not Use I ran into a stash of old drawings I did as a kid. I leafed through them and then paused. Should I keep them? Should I toss them? It was hard to decide. I think I saved three or four out of the stack and tossed the rest. There were other things that I'd forgotten about too, like the cane I used when I was learning to walk again after smashing my pelvis - I'll hopefully not need a cane again for a LONG time, so I set it out in the building hallway. Maybe someone will want it. It's a nice dark wood and the handle is a carved (imitation) ivory wolf's head. It hurts a little to throw these little pieces of myself away, but then again it has no relevance to me any longer. I have no use for it.