October 15th, 2007


I fly to Frankfurt in five days.

All my accommodations, train tickets, and plane rides are squared away. Getting my hair bleached on Wednesday. Still need to have my bag fixed, pick up my repaired boots, get a book to read on the plane (not to mention some melatonin to help tame the evil jet lag). The iPod situation is under control. The clothing/socks situation is also under control. I've got my European electrical adapters sitting out at home so they will Not Be Forgotten. The cameras are ready for a high impact workout. Gotta charge the batteries.

My life is a big check list, but least the list is extremely cool.
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So I finally have gotten to see some of Brat 2! I've only gotten to see a little bit so far, but if it's slow tomorrow at work I'll finish it there.

I couldn't resist fast forwarding to the bar scene to see if I made it in or ended up on the cutting room floor, and to my great joy, I did!
This was way back when I still had my natural hair color, but that's me in my long black leather trench coat. I loved that coat:

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