October 28th, 2007

European toilets...

Ok, I have a question. Why do European toilets have two buttons when you flush? One button is big and the other is small. I totally don't get it. They both make the toilet flush... i am very curious about the dual button. I am used to there only being one method of flushing, typically a little handle that you push down (rather than a dual button)   o_O

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Things I see in Prague

An upside-down horse and rider:

The Saint Charles bridge:

The Museum and Statue of Saint Wenceslaus:

Today I wake up and wander down to breakfast to discover that there has been a time change during the night and breakfast, being at 8am, has yet to be served. Gaining an extra hour is good. I'm trying to get an early start so I can make it out to the bone church and some extra time will be good for me. Tonight I will be taking the night train (a sleeper car!) to Wroclaw in Poland.