November 26th, 2007


) gasp (

Today I left work early because I was having trouble breathing. My lungs always act like this when the weather changes, or when I get sick.* I always assumed the weather/illness was triggering my asthma.

So I thought it was a bad asthma attack, and I left work and went to my doctor's office.

The nurse listened to me breathe with her stethoscope. "You're not wheezing," she told me. Then she had me do a peek flow test, which is where you breath as hard as you can into a tube so they can measure your lung capacity (or something like that). "You're well above average," the nurse told me when she saw my score. "You are not having an asthma attack," she said with certainty. "But why can't I breathe?" I asked her.
"Perhaps you are gassy," she told me. "Maybe you should go drink a ginger ale."

The doctor was busy, so I couldn't be seen.
I scheduled an appointment for Wednesday.

Having received no answers from my trip to the doctor's office, I came home and poked around online.

I think I have a mold in my lungs.
I only get breathless like this when the weather changes, and I've always thought it had something to do with the molds in the air. It generally gets bad for a couple weeks and then goes away for six months or so, until the next big weather change. I always thought it was asthma, but this year I had asthma medication and none of my inhalers helped me at all (that's why I got kind of worried and went to the doctor's office).

The only symptom I have is that I am short of breath. It feels like there's a bowling ball sitting on my chest.

Anyway. Whatever it is, I hope it's easy to treat.

*That's why I was inspired to shoot Respire - because I'd been having trouble breathing for so long
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