December 6th, 2007

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I walked to work today. I'm feeling pretty good for the first time in weeks, but they're sending me home anyway.

I'm going to go home and paint.

Stress relief

Walked home, picking up some marzipan and port wine on the way.

I looked for absinthe again, too, but found none. Despite Absinthe being legal for sale, it's been ridiculously difficult to come by, so I'm just going to make some. Of course it'll take several weeks to brew, but it'll save me $40 and who knows if the stores will even have any in stock by the time mine is ready. I've been looking all over for weeks and the stores all tell me the same thing: "the distributor hasn't brought any this week."

So I guess word around the office is that I am out due to stress and exhaustion.
There was much pity and understanding and I was told to take the rest of the week off.
I'll take the days off, thank you. And who knows, maybe they're right, maybe it IS stress that's made it hard for me to breathe.
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Igielna Street

Had some tea and worked on the painting. It's coming along well.
Tonight I'm going to see Redmoon Theater's The Hunchback of Notre Dame with madresal.

I called my physician to get a lung specialist referral but she hasn't called back.
I get the feeling she wishes I would just go away.

I really need to clean. On Monday one of the pipes in the apartment above mine broke and water seeped through the ceiling and walls, dripping all over my bathroom and kitchen. It was just another element that added fun to this week. The problem was fixed quickly, but I still need to wash things down and do laundry.

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I have had NO trouble breathing today. This probably means one of the following:

a. I am allergic to pears
b. I am allergic to squash
c. I am allergic to work
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