April 25th, 2008


Work in progress

Last night I tore open the smaller piece, revealing the toxic fluorescent paint. It needs a little touching up, and then I'll pour a layer of resin over it, too:

I poured the second coat of resin on the big piece this morning, and it looks like it may even need a THIRD coat - Gah! I'm really eager to move it into the second phase, but I know I can't rush ahead. The surface has to be completely smooth, so I'll just have to lay down more layers until it is.

Rather than sit around cooling my heels while all these layers of resin dry I should begin another piece. I think the next one I do is going to be a custom size; I'd like to do a large, long horizontal piece, but they don't come ready made in the dimensions I'd like, so I'll have to build it myself. This will require boards, raw canvas, a staple gun and a pair of canvas pliers. I have a staple gun but will have to purchase the rest of the items to do this. I used to build my own canvases all the time, so this is no big deal, although it's really nice being able to buy canvases pre-stretched, gessoed, and ready to go.