May 13th, 2008


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It's a beautiful day here in Berlin, and I've been out shopping and wandering to and from various contemporary art exhibits.

The Wave Gotik Treffen was FUCKING AMAZING. It was basically goth heaven. I met such totally cool people and heard such great music, it completely blew my mind. Absolute heaven. I've done a great deal more socializing on this trip than I have in past adventures, and actually have quite a few photographs with people other than my self this time! haha

Oooooo it is SO hard to keep from shopping here. Everything looks so awesome and then I see the price tag and do the $ to Euro conversion in my head and I hold my wallet tight and run away. I saw the coolest watches and they were over $300! I can not justify buying a $300 watch, no matter how cool it is. I know I would promptly lose it or spill paint on it or something. I've also seen some pretty sharp looking leather jackets that were around 300 €. Again, I can't justify that kind of money, especially when I already have a zillion jackets. I'm going to do an internet search for those watches when I get back home, though. They were really awesome.

The Berlin Biennale was OK. The one two years ago had stronger work, though, and this time around there were actually some pieces that were downright stupid. I went there with a Canadian (from Montreal) guy Pat who is staying at the apartment across from mine with a filmmaker named Angela. Pat and I sat through one video art piece totally laughing at how utterly retarded it was. I love contemporary art, but MAN. Sometimes it's really dumb.

This city has the most awesome graffiti all over the place. It's kind of hard for me to just walk down the street in a timely fashion because I keep wanting to stop and take photographs.

Now I need to decide if I want to go out dancing tonight or if I want to just get a relaxing dinner. I'm kind of tired from walking around all day, but I feel like I'm a little nuts not to take advantage of the fact that I can go out dancing at a GOTH CLUB in BERLIN. I mean, honestly, this should be a no brainer. Yeah, I'll probably go out ;)