June 18th, 2008

bed on fire

Early birds and frozen lard

Can't sleep.

I'm drinking one of O's Carlsberg beers, trying to chill out. My muscles feel all antsy and my joints ache. Summer humidity always makes my joints ache and I've never understood why, it's just one of those things I have to deal with when the warm months roll around.

I took the day off from work yesterday. I made some good headway on the paintings in the morning and then gave my grandmother a call and we chatted for a while. She is definitely still my grandma and knows exactly who I am (even over the phone!), knows that I'm an art director working in Chicago who loves to travel around Europe. I was a little relieved, because my mother told me that she doesn't remember my dad and thinks he's my mother's new boyfriend. Which is so strange to me I can't even wrap my head around it. My Mother? With a boyfriend? WEIRD

In the afternoon I went out walking around Lincoln Park. It was mild and sunny out, and I went into various shops just bumming around. Got myself an ice cream cone at the Bobtail ice cream shop but man was it rich. They added a whole extra completely unnecessary stick of butter to the recipe or something. Christ, all I wanted was a scoop of ice cream, not a scoop of frozen lard.

The birds are beginning to sing. That means the sun will be rising soon. It's pretty much the worst sound ever during the summer when I can't sleep. Their sweet happy chirping just serves to underscore the brutality of a sleepless night. I am going to feel like complete shit tomorrow. Woo hoo!
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