July 4th, 2008


Serious canvas

I built, stretched and gessoed a new canvas last night, and my back is killing me today as a result. It was worth it, though. I used thick, heavy boards and sturdy cross-braces, and stretched thick, durable canvas over it with roughly one zillion staples to hold it in place. Yes, this is a serious canvas, and it's tight as a drum.

This morning I went to visit my parents and older brother. My parents just got broadband internet access, so I was FINALLY able to show them my art website with all the animations and videos I've done over the years. My dad seemed to enjoy the work, while my mother worried about my mental health, but she always does that when she sees my art.

I got back home around 9pm and got to work on the new canvas, and was able to get two layers down. Tomorrow I'm going to try to add three more; my goal is to have this piece finished within one week's time, which would be a record.
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