July 12th, 2008

Gallery openings, Sunday painters, and drama

I went out to a slew of art openings in Pilsen's art district last night. There's so much bad art out there it shocked me. I mean, this is supposed to be the hot art district in Chicago, and it's a bunch of crap. I finally saw some good stuff up in the Fountainhead Lofts building; some very moving conceptual art at Within(Reason). I spoke with the owner for a bit and he seems like a super nice guy, too.

I also spoke at length with another artist who had a studio in the building, Angela Komperda. She was cooking her dinner and sitting on her window ledge, watching the people below (dinner smelled good). Her studio was her home, just like me, and had big gallon sized cans of enamel and canvases all over the place. I felt kinda like I was at home, except it wasn't my home. She was from Ohio, she told me, and had only been in Chicago for two years. We talked about painting and travel and art. I'll have to go visit her again some time; it's not often that I meet a fellow female painter who's as serious about their work as I am. Most painters are of the "every few months" variety where it's really more of a hobby amongst hobbies rather than a second full-time job. And I'm not saying that's bad, to keep art at arms length. It means you're busy meeting up with friends or going to movies or doing family stuff or work stuff or watching TV. And there's nothing wrong with that. But it does mean that your work is not going to evolve at a quick enough pace to become as good as it can be.

Went home, got dressed up and headed out to Neo for some dancing. The girl L who was calling me 4 times a day every day a couple months back showed up and pretended not to see me. Then, after she'd had a couple drinks she came over and started talking to me like I was her best friend. I shook my head. "No, L. I'm sorry. You overstepped my boundaries and abused my friendship. I don't want to talk to you." Which may sound harsh, but the girl isn't very smart and really does need things spelled out. "Well, if you didn't want me calling all the time you could have told me!" she countered. But I HAD told her.

She's one of those people who seems to attract drama to her like a magnet, and she's far too needy to have acquaintances, for her it's all or nothing. "I can't be the sort of friend you need," I told her, and she stormed off. It was like she hung up the phone, but in real life.

Good riddance. Honestly. I have a full time job, I paint, I have a boyfriend, and I already have a ton of friends, none of whom make overly taxing demands of my time or emotions. I have no time for drama.