August 27th, 2008


Signs of life

I've been taking a break from the internet lately, and instead focusing on my off-line life. It's been good for me. I've been painting a lot. Reading books. Taking walks. Observing the world. I will come back when I am ready.

I'm so glad I quit smoking, even though I only smoked casually. I know it wasn't good for me, and I can feel my lungs getting stronger every day.

I am going to get porcelain veneers. I went to the dentist on Monday and it turns out that my bondings are on their last legs (as I had feared), so if I'm going to do veneers, now is the time. They'll cost about $1,500 per tooth, but they'll last up to 20 years, so in the long run they will cost about the same as if I repeatedly have my bondings replaced every 5 or so years. Anyway, they'll be my 35th birthday present to myself I suppose.