May 3rd, 2009

In which an artist attempts to access the comand line...

My latest digital side-project is doing a complete re-design of Sharkforum, which is an art blog based here in Chicago. The design part will be no problem. The hard part is going to be teaching myself Movable Type.

In order to have complete creative freedom, I fear that I probably won't be able to fall back on using existing templates.

I've called my hosting company and moved my account to a Linux server, so that's taken care of, but the way forward from here is murky.

While the truth is I used to know a bit of unix, that was years ago, so let's assume that I know pretty much nothing at this point. What do I need a basic understanding of before I can do this? Do I need to learn PERL? LINUX? I have a solid knowledge of html/css, but I know I'm going to need to know more.

Any advice on where to begin would be great.
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