February 25th, 2010

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I've been moving paint around, trying out some different techniques, figuring some things out before I dive into larger pieces. I suppose you could call this a test canvas:

I'm going to keep working it and see where it goes.

In other news, I purchased a really nice printer for myself yesterday. It's capable of printing large format images (up to 13"x19") which will be great for when I need source material. I also need to make prints for the writer who's doing the April show catalog. And I'm thinking I may do some weird collaging stuff now that I'll be able to print things out.

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My studio is an absolute mess. There's red, pink and orange paint splashed all over the floor and it's getting tracked around everywhere because I keep stepping in it. It's like a fucking slip n slide in here. I really need to swap out the old tarp, except I'm not sure I have the strength for such an enormous task tonight. I really just want to lay back and go to sleep....
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