April 13th, 2010

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Three hours until I leave for the airport. My bags are generally packed (just need to gather up my makeup and toiletries), and I have maps, flight itinerary and hotel information printed out and ready to go.

I miss my bird. I brought him over to W's last night and introduced him to the flock. He was wide-eyed and quiet, and wanted to stay up on my shoulder where he felt safe and protected. We had to close the cage door because he kept flopping out and running over to me.

While I was over there, Cuckou, the green amazon, took a warm shower, perched on the back of a metal chair under W's shower/hose/spigot thing. It was one of the cutest, most magical things I've ever seen. She was all puffed up, with her wings held up, and beak open slightly so she looked like she was a smiling little green jungle deity. She sat like that for a full 20 minutes. She didn't sing for us, though, which is something she often does when she is in the shower, I am told.

Ok, I'm going to finish the last of my packing and get ready to go. Wish me luck!