April 29th, 2010

Last day

After two and a half weeks, it's my last day here at the Hamburg office. We were all here until midnight last night getting everything ready for today's big presentation. I'm supposed to fly back to Chicago tomorrow morning, but I still haven't gotten confirmation on my ticket. The thought of going back home really bums me out. The past few weeks have felt like such a great step forward into a new life, and I really don't want to step back. In the long run it won't matter because I'll make it over here one way or another. I've got a list of about 50 German advertising agencies, so if things don't come through for me at this office I'll just start looking around at other agencies. I'm supposed to meet with people here today for an exit interview of sorts, so hopefully they can give me an idea as far as what my options are for working here or at the Berlin office in the future.

(no subject)

Yesterday I went back to the clothing store where I saw all the great paintings, hoping that the store owner would be there so I could find out the names of the artists. The art world is pretty small, and it's always good to get to know other artists who are doing good work. When I saw those paintings on Saturday I thought to myself, "I need to meet the people who made these." I figured that if I had their names, I could google them and somehow get in touch.

Unfortunately, the owner wasn't there at the moment, so I talked to the sales girl and asked if she could have him write the names down for me when he got in. I gave her one of my Omissions+Revelations books in case he was interested in seeing my own paintings, and told her I would stop by the following day.

So today during my lunch break I went back and she had the list of artist's names ready for me (all four live and work in Hamburg). She also let me that the store owner had liked my work and that he wanted to take me to over to meet one of the artists some time before I had to go back to Chicago. Sadly, I explained that this was my last day, and that I would have loved to go if I were staying longer. I mentioned that I might be coming back here to Hamburg to live, so I might be able to take him up on the offer in the not-too-distant future. We'll see!