May 1st, 2010

The situation

Coming back home yesterday felt like stepping onto the set of a long canceled TV show, left perfectly preserved.

It's dusty in here and the plants all needed watering. I'm afraid to look at my mailbox as I'm sure it's stuffed to capacity.

So here's my situation:

I had a talk with my Hamburg boss at the end of the day on Thursday and he told me that having me in the office and working with me had been an absolute pleasure, and that I'd brought a spontaneity and energy to the project that had previously been missing. We talked about what projects I would work on and who I would work with if I were to have a job there.

Also, he wanted to hear my impressions of what it had been like to join their office; how it seemed good and how it seemed bad, and what I had thought about the people and the presentation that we put together.

The bottom line is this: They want to hire me badly. Everyone loved working with me and wants me to join the team. But the office hasn't done well lately, and money is the problem. The numbers are dismal, and there's nothing extra laying around to hire me with.

But, in two weeks they'll have the budget for next year nailed down, and if the numbers look alright, they're going to see what they can do for me. So my boss promised me he'd call as soon as he knew what the deal was.

If the numbers don't look good and I don't end up working at the Hamburg office, it'll suck, but I have a list of 25 other good agencies in Germany to pursue, and I'll get over there one way or another.