June 24th, 2010

Building stuff

I went over to W's studio this afternoon and we built a canvas stretcher from some of the wood that we cut on Monday. This time around it was mostly him showing me, and letting me do little bits here and there. Next I'll build my own canvas stretcher all by myself, from selecting the wood all the way to sanding down the edges. Should be interesting.


Spray paint

I experimented with spray paint this evening when I got home. A long time ago I made a damask pattern stencil, as well as a bird one I made a couple months ago. I dragged a bunch of large sheets of paper, a face mask, and a bag of spray paint out into the alley and went to work (didn't feel like polluting my studio with fumes). After about 30 minutes of work I had some really nice results. I love how messed up and raw it all looks. I layered the sheets of paper into my paintings, and I like how it came out. Hopefully when I tear back down through the surface I'll be able to reveal some of these layers.

I also sent an email to my Hamburg boss asking for a letter of recommendation. Hopefully he'll be able to do this for me.

I worked 86 hours last week. F#@!*ng brutal and insane.