September 2nd, 2010

No luck for me this week

I think I was bitten in the foot by a spider last night. Can't put weight on my left foot without excruciating pain, so I can't walk. No food left to speak of. Can't make it to work. Still feel like shit from the sinus infection/strepthroat/whateverthefuckitis. Don't really know what to do. Have a doctor's appointment at 3pm. If they suggest hosiptal I just might go for it.

My luck has improved

My foot is getting better, and I'm able to hobble around now. There's still a dull ache, but it's no where near as bad as it was this morning when I couldn't walk at ALL. I spoke to my doctor and we decided I didn't need to come in because whatever it was seems to be passing. Maybe the antibiotics in my system are dealing with it or something, who knows. W went to the store and bought me a whole bunch of groceries, so I finally have food again, too. YAY

Now, if only I could kick this sinus infection...