October 18th, 2010


In my vast swaths of free time I've been working on a website for a freelance client of mine, C. She's a painter/sculptor and does some really cool stuff.

At first I tried to build the site with code, but eventually ran into some problems: I want the images to scale to fit the browser dimensions, and I want to have the images displayed in a nice carousel... with some rough experimenting, I got to this point, but then couldn't figure out how to get the images to scale dynamically to fit the browser.

I've decided to scrap that approach and build her site in Flash so I can control of the presentation of the site with greater ease, and I'm going to teach myself XML so C can get in and easily update the site whenever she has new work she'd like to post.

I've never used XML before, but after poking around online a little it doesn't really look too difficult. Should be interesting.