November 1st, 2010


Paring down

I got the contract today and looked it over. I have a few small tweaks I'd like them to address as well as some general questions, but for the most part it's very acceptable.

I'm going through all of my things now, throwing things out. I'm going to keep things that are useful to see if any friends want them. If they don't, I'll have to determine if said items are in good enough condition to donate to charity.

It would be easier if someone else could do this for me. It's far easier to just walk away from a place with the things you need than to deal with all the things you don't. It's emotionally tricky... the Halloween decorations I hung when W and I were together. The books my older brother gave me. The old notebooks I used to write in. Christ, even my gramophone. But I have to be selective. I can only take the things I'm going to NEED.

The paintings. The laptop. My clothes. My documents.