December 21st, 2010

Found a place!

I went down to Neukölln this afternoon to look at a place and decided to take it. I don't think I could handle this apartment search much longer, and this space felt good to me.

It's in an old building, has real wood floors (as opposed to the imitation wood laminate floors that many apartments in this city are plagued with) and is 80 meters square, which is about as big as two room apartments go here. It has a balcony overlooking a quiet side street, which will be nice when the weather warms up.

I'll be able to move in on January 1st, although I have no bed or linens or... Anything. I'll make it work somehow. I remember making a nest on the floor with blankets and pillows when I moved to Chicago when I graduated from college. And anything will be better than staying in an apartment with a French filmmaker who wishes I didn't exist.

This is the room I plan to use as a bedroom/living room. The door on the right leads to the kitchen:

Collapse )

At 599€ It's priced considerably lower than similar spaces in the area - especially for the size - probably because it's kind of beat up, but to me it's beat up in the right kind of ways. I can't wait to move in and start making it my home.

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