December 25th, 2010

The irritations

Thank God this cafe is open or I'd have no where to hang out other than the apartment, which is one of the least welcoming places I've ever had to endure. I feel like Harry Potter living under the stairs there.

I've arranged to move to a second temporary space on the 28th (4 days before my stay at the French filmmaker's place is technically over) as a Christmas present to myself. I'll be at the interim residence until the 6th of January so I can have a few days to make my new space livable before I move in. I was just over at the interim place to pick up the keys and meet everyone and I think it's safe to say that it will be a MUCH better place for me to live. Everyone there was very creative and laid back, which is the complete opposite from the passive aggression and ambient stress that flows from my current roommate/landlady. Everyone was hanging out in the kitchen together, plus there was a big, friendly dog wandering around, and it was a really great atmosphere.

So, the guy who's heart I broke over the summer continues to pursue me. I unexpectedly ran into him last Wednesday night and was cordial and hung out with him for a bit, so now of course he sees it as encouraging. This morning I woke up to find a Facebook message from him that read "Hmmmmmmmm," to which I'm all WTF??? I do not need this. I guess me telling him I just want to be a friend wasn't enough, because I certainly don't leave strange messages like that with my friends. I mean, what IS that? A whimpering sigh? A moan of longing? Whatever it is, Jesus Christ, I just moved to a fucking foreign country, I can not be dealing with whimpering moaning men right now.

So that will be two irritations that will soon be excised from my life.

To keep myself occupied while the world has shut down for the holidays I've been playing Myst, that old game from the 90s where you're on a beautiful, magical, abandoned island and you need to figure out a ton of puzzles and riddles to unravel the mystery of what happened there. I last played it over ten years ago so I remember almost nothing, which is great. I've also been watching Harry Potter movies (which is why I currently identify with him living under the stairs), trying to catch myself up so I can go see the one that's currently playing at the theater.

It snowed here again last night, which doesn't surprise me at all. I imagine that we will all be making tunnels through the snow soon, when it becomes so high that it covers the rooftops.

I hung out with Fabian on Wednesday evening and met some of his friends that are are also painters in the same studio building as him, as well as a woman who represents several artists and takes collectors on tours of their studios. She saw some images of my work and is interested in what I'm doing, and when I'm all settled into my new studio she would like to come by to see my work, which is cool.

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