January 29th, 2011


I'm home!

I got up early this morning, packed up the remainder of my things and took them over to my new place in a cab. After I got everything up into my place, I immediately headed out to IKEA, where I spent 3 hours checking out shelving, beds, sofas, and everything else under the sun. I got two lamps, a whole mess of kitchen stuff (pots, pans, plates, bowls), a pillow, comforter, matress pad (to make my little floor-mat of a bed more comfortable), and a wall clock. Carrying all of that back home on the train would have been a near impossible task for me, so when I saw a line of taxies by the curb, I hopped into one.

I dragged everything up into my place and then headed out to the huge Turkish grocery store a couple blocks away from me. I got tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, pasta, cheese, cous cous... all sorts of fresh delicious food that I gleefully loaded into my new refrigerator when I got home with it.

I headed out to the hardware store after that, and picked up a sturdy portable work table to use in the kitchen until I can furnish it appropriately. I also picked up a ton of painting supplies so I can start prepping the walls. I still need to go back to get the paint, but for now I can spackle the holes, pull out nails, etc. I figured I would get as much as I could carry, and come back for the rest at some point in the future.

At 7:30pm I finally sat down and had my first meal of the day. Needless to say, I'm BEAT. Today was awesome, though. When I finally had everything home and I was able to open every thing up I felt like I was a five year kid old on Christmas morning.