April 17th, 2011

It's springtime for Sarah in Germany

My eye has made a full recovery, thank God, and everything is pretty much back to normal.

On Friday I went to an art opening, which I wrote a piece about here.

This weekend I finally succeeded in clearing out my studio. The biggest hurdle was disposing of the massive amount of cardboard that I've accrued as a result of all the new furniture I bought as well as my shipment of things from the US. The recycling bin in the courtyard labeled "paper" just wasn't large enough to handle all of my cardboard at once, so I've been making weekly deposits of as much as I can fit into the bin.

I've also covered the floor with cardboard to make it easier on my knees when I'm working on the floor, which I do a lot.

It's a beautiful spring day here and I've got the door open to let in some fresh air. This afternoon I'm going to start this new painting as well as work on my German homework. I'm taking a new class and I am SO motivated to learn this language, I can't even tell you. There are so many countless instances where I wish to my very core that I could communicate intelligently with the people here in their own language and it is so frustrating to not know the right words or the right way to say what's in my head.

There's a shop across the street from me that sells beer, candy, magazines and newspapers, and on nice days like this, people in the neighborhood accumulate outside to get drunk together. It's not something I'm used to seeing, because in the US it's against the law to drink alcohol outside.

Heh, now they are singing songs down there.

To round things out, here is a random Berlin photo:

Some photos from Berlin

Because I know I don't post enough photos of the amazing new city I live in, here's a photo I took with my iPhone as I left the art gallery on Friday night:

And here's one of the Hermanplatz U-Bahn station, where I often find myself waiting for trains:

You can see the sign that tells me which train is coming and how many minutes are left until it arrives, although the glare has blotted out the place where the number of minutes are shown – it's never many, though. 10 at most; usually more like 4 or 5 – I LOVE public transportation here. Cabs actually take longer to get you from point A to point B, so I never take them unless I have a ton of heavy things.