July 18th, 2011

Day off stuff

I've been working on some paper and paint pieces like the ones I was doing in Chicago, and knowing that I'll inevitably need to sand them down when I have enough layers built up I went and bought a nice Bosch power sander today. Power tools are more expensive here than they were in the states so it was a larger investment than it would have been for me in the old days. I got a good one because I don't want it pooping out on me after a few months, especially with what I put my sanders through. I also picked up some oops paint, but it wasn't much of a deal, only 25% less. Back in the states oops paint was WAY reduced... More like 80% less. Still, it's good to have new supplies.

I spent several hours painting, and then planted a bunch of marigold seeds in a window box on my balcony. It's awesome having a beautiful balcony full of blooming flowers, and it's my small attempt to try to beautify this little street that I live on. Some of my neighbors have amazingly beautiful balconies with flowers cascading down, but many have decided to use theirs as storage spaces for unwanted junk which doesn't look so great. I've mostly got geraniums right now, but a few marigolds, too, soon to be more.

I figured out that I can make calls home to the states on my cell phone, which was a pleasant surprise. I couldn't figure out the country codes before, but I FINALLY get it. I know, it's ridiculous I haven't figured this out before now, heh. Skype was so much easier and free-er, though! I tried calling my parents and my brother, but just got voicemail. Oh well, at least I know I can call them now.

My studio is a mess, but it's a good kind of mess, the kind that occurs when there's lots of work going on. I've finally got a bright work light in there too, so I can see what I'm doing better when I work at night. It's so much better than the single bulb that I had before.

I've been reading LJ a lot more lately, too, and I just want to say thanks to everyone who still bothers to post here. The LJ iPhone app has been a Godsend since my computer died. Anyway, I'm glad to be 'back' and reading about what you've all been up to ;)

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Zombies in Berlin?

Has anyone here seen 'Rammbock: Berlin Undead'? I just saw it available to rent on iTunes and it looks kind of awesome, plus it takes place here in Berlin and well, you know, I kind of think it must be awesome just because of that but wanted to ask anyway...

Zombies! In Berlin! Yeah... I think I've seen some on the U-Bahn from time to time...

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An extra hour of light???

Holy multiple posts, Batman!

I don't remember the last time I made three posts in a single day, but I just have to share this:

The sun sets 58 minutes later here than it did in Chicago. (!!!)

All summer long I've been feeling like I've been going insane because I couldn't tell what time it was. In my mind, the sun should only stay up until 9pm, and then there should be night. But here? It'll be 10pm and it will still be light out... No wonder my inner clock's been all messed up. It helps to explain all the all night partying that goes on here, or at least MY all night partying, lol

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