July 28th, 2011

Ahoy, LJ

I just read about how LJ has been down due to a DDOS, basically an attack on the server, apparently originating in Russia. The article suggested that LJ users copy important entries onto their hard drive. As someone with a lifetime account, I really don't appreciate this. I've been posting here since 2002 and trying to pick out and save the 'important' entries would be nearly impossible at this point. Not to mention the fact that I don't have a hard drive to save them to right now. Frustrating. And I don't know where I would set up a new blog, either. I like LJ's format and it feels like home. For now I plan to stick around, but I'm going to research other options just in case this ship really does sink.

After getting locked out of my apartment twice within the impossibly stupid time span of three hours*, I did some work on the painting. Specifically, the collars on the figures.

It's coming along.

*I am now afraid to leave my apartment for fear that I'll have to call the Schlüsseldienst again. I put him on speed dial just in case.

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