November 5th, 2012


Group therapy

I've been doing group creative therapy on Wednesday evenings.

We meet at my friend R's place – she's the one who organized the whole thing, together with her long-standing therapist, whom she swears by. She lights candles, lays out big pillows and blankets, and makes tea. It's all very cozy and spa-like. Once we're all assembled, we contact the therapist via Google Hangouts (which is like Skype), and each take turns expressing what we would like to get out of the session – usually a question or concern, or something we want to address.

We're all a bunch of artists, so things tend to focus on issues regarding creative blocks, and staying motivated.

The protocol we're using is fascinating. After voicing our intent, we all get comfortable, close our eyes, and the therapist plays a piece of music. As the music plays we observe our thoughts, sensations and impressions. The recorded classical piano music is not ordinary music – the therapist was at one point a concert pianist and has channeled it, so it's spontaneous and without a clear structure. It is supposedly in the correct vibration to bring about a state of mind where a clearer awareness can be achieved and creative blocks can be dissolved.


I know it sounds like crazy new age BS, but so far I've had amazing experiences during these sessions. It's really cool.

During the first session I felt like I was being pulled up out of my body – it was an intense physical sensation. Subsequent sessions have proven to be just as powerful, giving me flashes of insight to long standing problems.

No, we don't take any drugs to 'help the processes along' or anything like that. har har