November 11th, 2012

parachute pigeon

Pillows follow-up

I found the stuffing I needed at a fabric store down the street, so last night I put on the radio and pulled out my sewing machine. I have a love-hate relationship with my sewing machine. I always seem to end up breaking the needle and it's a complete mystery why to me. Also, the bobbin gives me a lot of grief, with the thread going all wacko and not playing nice. The machine itself is a good model, so I'm sure it all boils down to user error, and it's true that the more I use it the better things seem to be getting, but still.

In any case, after much sewing machine wrangling, I was able to produce two very nice pillows. This one has a cheetah pattern on one side and a green floral scarf on the other:


It's a wild color scheme but fits in nicely with the rest of stuff in my studio. The other pillows you see were found at the flea market in my neighborhood.


Here's the second pillow I put together. It's an orange floral pattern on one side and a dark purple floral pattern on the other, and I've decided it will live on the other sofa in the back of my place:


Ladies in Waiting

I've been working on the painting.


It's difficult to photograph this beast because there are so many color things happening and the camera can't deal with it. In reality the blue face is a very deep turquois, nowhere near the neon cyan in the image above. The contrast is also distorted – the actual painting has a lot of ultra brights and ultra darks placed right beside each other to give an illusion of depth, and the photograph isn't able to record any of that. Things are watered down and mellowed out, while in reality they're far more distinct.