February 6th, 2013


Shampoo and facelifts

I got a hair cut last night after work from a guy recommended to me by a friend. He works out of his apartment, which was kind of different from going to a regular salon. His name was Daido and he had a poofy pomeranian named Shampoo that looked like an excited blond wig.

My new cut looks good and I was told it would grow out well, so I'm a happy camper.

I've been working like crazy to update my portfolio site and resumè. It's coming together well – I just need to make a few more small adjustments to the site and I should be good to go. My next step is to deal with the paperwork associated with freelancing. I need to get a special ID number from the German government so I can invoice people. And once I have that? I'm free!

In other news I've discovered I can give myself a facelift via acupressure. Do not laugh! My friends say they notice a difference. We joke about it being my €10 facelift (the book cost €10).