April 12th, 2014


Re-train your brain my ass

I got an awesome pair of shoes today, they look like they're from the 1930's or something:
I went to a Finissage this evening at Staatsgallerie Prenzlauer Berg to see some paintings. The work was okay, but not really my cup of tea – really brutal naive type stuff, and kind of looked like things were painted with blood, coffee, urine, and bile. I wore my new shoes and they didn't give me blisters.

I tuned in to a webinar when I got home that promised to re-train my brain to unlock all my awesome hidden potential. But they kept saying the same things over and over and it was stuff I've already heard a million times from other places so I turned it off. No need to waste my time.

I took a picture of myself. Yay here I am. My hair is getting long again :)