April 15th, 2014


Medieval tea party

I forgot to set the alarm clock on my iphone last night, so I woke up an hour later than I should have. I hate it when that happens, although everyone here at the office was super understanding and waved it off.

I wore a little black dress and my new shoes today because we had professional portraits taken at work. I looked kind of wind-blown and puffy-eyed in my photo, a product of having run to work after leaping out of bed in a panic.

Tomorrow evening a friend of mine is having a tea party (an 'end of poverTEA' party) that I plan to attend. She found a recipe for a medieval pudding that she is going to make, something where you put a bunch of ingredients in a cloth bag and then bake the bag.


The full moon lunar eclipse was last night. I didn't see the eclipse take place or anything cool like that, but I did see the bright moon in all it's glory reflected in my neighbor's window. Astrologically speaking it's supposed to be a difficult aspect for a lot of people, but all I've noticed is a larger than normal craving for sugary treats and comforting food. Oh, plus oversleeping this morning.