April 20th, 2014


Washing windows on Easter

My neighbor knocked on the door and asked if he could clean my windows. I share my wi-fi with him, and he told me that he believes cleaning my windows will help the signal reach his apartment better. I told him sure, go for it, and he seemed super happy. So now he is on a little ladder cleaning my windows. Is it just me or is that a little odd? I mean, my windows weren't caked with mud or anything. But I think this is making his day, and it's nice to have clean windows, so I'm not going to say anything. And who knows, maybe he's right??

Take Tylenol to suppress the effects of surrealism

I just watched the first episode of 'Rabbits', David Lynch's horror-comedy sitcom, after which I looked it up on Wikipedia to read more about it, because it is really really odd, as I'm sure you can imagine.

This bit caught my attention:
"Rabbits was used as a stimulus in a psychological experiment on the effects of acetaminophen on existential crisis. The research, in a paper entitled "The Common Pain of Surrealism and Death" suggested that acetaminophen acted to suppress the effects of surrealism."

So then I looked up the study and found that it was true. Acetaminophen really was found to help to suppress existential crisis and the effects of surrealism. Crazy, but true.