January 4th, 2015

parachute pigeon


I had planned to work on the painting today, but think I am going to turn it to the wall and let it sit for a while instead. I need to rest my brain, let the paint dry, and see it with fresh eyes, perhaps in a few weeks, I don't know.

Second date today with 9 went really well. We went out to a little zoo where there were a couple houses sheltering pigeons, chickens, ducks and geese. There were also, in a seperate areas, large emu-like birds, peacocks, perlhühner (guineafowl), and storks. It was free to wander around, so I think I may go back there from time to time to say hello to the animals.

This is a picture of some perlhühner. I think they are amazing - their heads have a little horn on top:

We went for coffee and dinner afterwards, and chatted until we were basically booted from our table due to a reservation. Talking to 9 comes easily. We seem to have a synergy that I don't often find in other people. It is nice to have met a commrade. Plus – and maybe this is totally shallow, BUT – his French accent is fucking HOT.