January 14th, 2015

parachute pigeon


This short, crappy video is in response to freshwaterdame's 'video challenge'. In it I smile, say some stuff, and reveal a shakey pan of my studio. I realize I am wearing a 'Tokio Hotel' Hoodie in this video. Please do not judge. I got it for free and only use it to paint in. It is my secret hoodie which under normal circumstances no one sees.

While I couldn't persuade Rasputin to get in the original shot, he came out to say hello afterwards, and I was able to get some footage of the elusive pigeon who walks among me.


Collapsing potential

I haven't yet heard if I'm needed in the office, so I'm going to assume they don't need me and get to work in my studio.

Need to sit down and make a plan for myself. A list of steps to follow with many empty blanks, hopefully to be filled in by circumstances as they unfold. Having a list would help to motivate me and give me some things to act on, check off, and then feel a sense of accomplishment at having done them.

By not acting I allow all of the potential outcomes to be there, and by acting I will collapse all of the possibilities into one. But I think I am done enjoying the potential and ready to move forward.

Disappearing collectors

I worked on the face. Needs some final touches, but for the most part I'm happy with it.


Today I finally gathered the courage to message a collector who expressed a desire to purchase one of my paintings back in October. I had told him I would hold it for him so the paint could dry. So now that it is, I felt this would be a good time to reconnect and let him know. The guy is a fairly important collector of emerging artists here, so I was super excited that he had some interest in my work.

He had originally found me via facebook through friends, so that's how we were keeping in touch. Unfortunately, I was shocked to find that he has deleted his account. Apparently he's much better at ditching facebook than my friend S, because there was no trace of him anywhere but my list of freinds, where when I click on his iconless name link, a message pops up telling me that the account has been disabled.

C'est la vie. His partner is also a collector (they're a team, really) and still has an account so I sent a friends request. We'll see.