January 15th, 2015


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Nothing was happening to my friend S's facebook page despite the American flag waving boob woman, so she exchanged that photo for a full frontal nude shot of a hairy overweight middle aged man with his dick and balls in the extreme foreground. If hairy dick and balls man doesn't get her profile deleted, NOTHING WILL. She has set it as both her profile pic and her cover photo for full effect. The clock is ticking.

ETA: Ok, here is the link to her page. But it's not like I didn't warn you. You will not be able to unsee what you see: https://www.facebook.com/the.iremonger?fref=ts

I got called into the office at 3pm this afternoon because they desperately need someone to go out to the client tomorrow morning and present a bunch of stuff. So now I'm trying to cram my head with knowledge so I can give this presentation and not sound like I was pulled in at the last minute. I wonder what I'm going to wear.

9 wrote the nicest message to me last night, and included photos of some of my old haunts in Neukölln (where he currently lives): a terrible vietnamese restaruant with extremely mediocre food I used to frequent when I was feeling down, and a junk shop that sells things like mounted plastic animal heads and synthetic lace curtains. I love these places, as awful as they are. They are awful in a really special way. I had mentioned them in a conversation with 9 and he rememberd.

The extremely mediocre Vietnamese place:

The junk shop:

It has two minus symbols before the store name because it is that bad