January 29th, 2015


Problematic sleep patterns

I got a call to do some more freelance work next week, which is awesome – two full weeks covering for their senior designer who will be away on vacation.

On Tuesday I met up with 9 for dinner at my favorite restaurant here, Lemongrass. They do the best Pad Thai in the whole entire world. Against all odds, 9 continues to impress. We have plans on Saturday morning to see the Boros art collection and then go back to his place so I can meet his parakeets and drink tea, maybe walk around Neukölln. We're meeting up at 10am, which is going to be brutally early for me.

I've been struggling to get myself onto a 'normal' sleep schedule, experimenting with various herbal tea combinations in an effort to knock myself out at a decent hour. Nothing has worked so far, even the horrible Valarian root tea which is so deeply unpleasant to smell. Yesterday I gave Lemon Balm a shot and it did not have any effect. I tried self-hypnosis too of course and that was a complete failure. Maybe sleeping with my iphone and notebook is probably a bad idea, maybe I should address that. I sit up watching video clips of Key and Peele, giggling to myself and drawing pictures.

puffy pants

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I just wrote to the collector regarding the painting.
Definitely stepping outside the comfort zone.
I hope something good comes out of it.