February 13th, 2015


The fear voice

Just back from a job interview. I can't gauge for certain how I did, but fingers crossed.

I was there for two and a half hours talking to people and the vibe was very positive. The senior art director (who I would be replacing) was once one of the art directors on my team back when I was a creative supervisor, working full-time. I mentored him big time to help him develop his skills and career, so he's totally in my corner. Plus my friend R works there and is my biggest cheerleader ever. So t
heoretically I have this job in the bag.

But of course there's the voice in my head that keeps saying, 'you aren't good enough, they will choose someone else.'


I am going to Sanssousi tomorrow!!! YAY

Also, a meme, via meathiel:

1. How many jobs have you had, and which was your favorite?
I've had a ton, some of which have been fulltime, some of which have been freelance. All have been art/design related (or, prior to 1997, coffee-related).

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