March 21st, 2015

hand sitter

Super eclipse moon blood equinox

I met up with Rose at 11pm and we walked around Mitte looking for fun and adventure. We ran into some people we knew and hung with them for a while, and then made our way over to Clärchens Ballhaus (opened in 1913 and survived the wars intact), which I've always wanted to go to because the interior is so amazing, like something from a Kubrick film. This photo, taken during the day and all lit up, doesn't do it justice – but you can at least see that there's metallic tinsle decorating the walls and the mother of all disco balls hanging from the ceiling.

Rose's boyfriend was there with some clients from Edinburgh, so we hung out and chatted with them. They had all just been at an awards ceremony for a TV spot they had collaborated on; their spot had received two award nominations but didn't win either, so they were all glum as a result, but happy for Rose and I to join them and give their night a female element.

Because Clärchen's has been around forever, the place draws in people of every sort and age. So the crowd was a really mixed bag: there were retired people, families, business people, old ladies out on the town, teenagers, kids, you name it. We tried to dance but were followed around the dance floor by what appeared to be a Gypsy midget, and he wouldn't take no for an answer. It kind of killed our will to dance, so we retreated back to our table of bummed out ad men. Rose's boyfriend is fucking hilarious, though, so it was hard for the Scots to stay sad, what with him dancing around us with a 100 € note stuck to his forehead and a flower in his mouth.

I took a cab home around 3am and the driver couldn't get me all the way to my building because the street was blocked off with police vehicles. Everything was enveloped in a cloud of complete darkness as if a light vacuum had just passed over sucking up all the photons. The driver cautioned me to stay on my guard, to keep my wits about myself and to scream as loud as I could if anything were to happen as I walked the remainder of the way home.

Walking down the street I could make out the shapes of people standing around outside in disorientation, huddled in clusters. The air was filled with smoke and an acrid smell as though a gun battle had just gone down or something had exploded. I wanted to stop and ask someone what was going on, but more than that I wanted to get home as fast as possible. I was beginning to fear for my storefront as I hadn't thought to secure the front before I had gone out, leaving my windows exposed to whatever had gone down. On arriving home I saw, thankfully, that my windows were all intact, although there were the remains of a massive bonfire in the middle of the street. Thank fucking God the angel of anarchy has once again passed over my home.

The power was out in my building, so I had to grapple for matches in the dark and remove my makeup by candlelight.

About an hour later as I lay in bed I heard the gentle woosh of power being restored and all of my devices and appliances coming back to life.

Today I see in the news that there was some rioting and looting – our Lidl was looted!! I find this hilarious. People looted the fucking discount grocery store? Battle cry: I WANT ALL OF THE CHEEEEESE

And of course now I need to go grocery shopping :/
I hope Lidl is back to normal by now.