August 11th, 2015

Sleep cycles

It's hot as hell in Berlin today. I thank God that I live in an old stone building on the ground floor, it's like I have air conditioning. And thank God the office where I work actually IS air conditioned. I don't know how other people are coping, it's insane.

I downloaded an app (called 'Sleep Cycle') onto my phone which tracks how well I sleep at night. I place the phone face down beside my pillow and through sound (tossing, turning, snoring, etc.) it is able to ascertain my sleep patterns. I've been using it for over a week and so far it's clear that I do not sleep very deeply or well. There are all sorts of graphs and charts, it's really cool. I'm thinking of cutting down my coffee consumption to see if that will have a positive effect. Not today, maybe some other day. Maybe next week.

I talked to W yesterday about my latest paintings, the two smallish abstract works and the Mushroom Squatters. His feeling was that my best abstraction occurs in the backgrounds of my surreal figurative work because the figures give the abstraction a framework and a visual language. When I remove the figures and try to go full abstract the compositions don't hold together as well. His advice was that I should focus on the figurative/surreal work; I think he's right. Better to paint to my strengths, and besides, I have more fun painting weird stuff anyway.

Saw the neurologist yesterday to discuss the results of my EEG, learned that there is nothing wrong with my brain. RELIEF.

To do's:
Fix rear tire on bicycle
Go running/exercise of some kind
Music therapy
Tower of Babylon

Email US accountant
Estimate DE 2014 tax (boo)