August 27th, 2015

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I got my bike back from the repair shop yesterday and they worked a miracle on it by replacing the wheels and brakes. The wheels were so bad before, they were like moebius strips. Now the bike is actually rideable! I was looking forward to riding it to work today but there's rain in the weather forecast, so I decided against it. I have no rain gear and fear getting soaked.

I'm meeting up with C after work at a riverside restaurant for dinner, which I'm looking forward to. Hopefully it won't be so inclement that we have to be inside, I'd really like to sit outside along the water.

This morning as I scrammbled to get myself out the door I suddenly decided that I absolutely must wear a specifically pair of lace-up boots. Unfortunately that particular pair of boots had a split sole, so in order to get them in wear-able condition I found it necessary to go nuts with superglue. In the process got it all over myself and the floor, which seems to be what always happens when I try to use superglue, I never learn. Fortunately I also got some in the desired places and was able to fix the boots, but I now have fingers coated with dried superglue, which is a singularly unpleasant feeling. Trying to not think about how toxic it probably is.