August 28th, 2015

Executing complicated dances

I'm so glad I got my bicycle in working order, I rode to work this morning and it was a really nice, easy ride.

I found a pet sitter for Rasputin for while I am on holiday in the States. She's coming over to my place on Sunday to meet him and get the low-down on what will be required. Which won't really be much, he's not an especially needy bird. Given a large pan of food and a large pan of clean water he will happily go about his business and daily tasks (building intricate nests with found materials, long-winded conferences with the bird in the mirror, executing complicated dances with his shadow on the wall, etc.). The pet sitter's duties will mainly be to make sure the food pan continues to have food in it and the water in the water pan is fresh and clean. I plan to paper the the floor so cleaning up droppings won't be a massive pain in the ass when I get back (he doesn't normally have accidents on the furniture, so that's not a problem). It makes me feel better knowing that someone who is a vetted pet sitter is looking in on my bird at regular intervals, letting him know he's not forgotten.