September 4th, 2015


Butter vs. wood

I rode my nice Felt bike to work today because my crappy bike has a flat tire. The riding experience was very different; like slipping through butter, as opposed to sawing through wood. Now that there's space in the office to put my bike during the day I think I'll start riding the nice bike more. I need to take the toe clips off the pedals, though – those fuckers are going to get me in an accident one of these days if I don't – I'm constantly tripping all over myself trying to get my toe in the scoopy thing after every stop, it's such a nuisance.

I'm going to a party/event Saturday night called 'The Magus'. There's a decent line-up of DJs and performance artists, and the dress code is 'SX Magic'. I have something I'd like to wear in mind, hopefully it will come together decently. Need to pick up white face paint on the way home this evening.

I am finally able to comfortably wear all the clothes I bought for myself earlier this summer! YAY
Good bye fat pants