July 28th, 2016

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I have now completed German language level B2.1 and will begin B2.2 in August. This is a pretty big accomplishment.

On Friday I take the official B1 test. I am 'beyond' this now, but have enormous test insecurities. My teacher tells me I wll pass it with flying colours. Fingers crossed, I hope she's right. It's an important step in my attaining permanent residency here, which I deeply want. Pray for me. My heart tells me that I will pass it, but my head tells me I do not know everything awesomely enough. Insecurity rules.

In other news, I have taken action towards a dream. It is an artistic dream, but also a business dream, putting magic in motion. Today I took the first baby steps to something bigger.


Throat was STILL sore/burning, even after ten days, so I went to the doctor. He tells me it's now a 'classic infection' for which I must take a course of antibiotics. No wonder I've been feeing so enervated as of late. But no fever, for which I am thankful.

Antibiotics. I haven't had to take antibiotics in YEARS. And afterwards I'll need to eat loads of yogurt and sauerkraut so I can rePOOPulate my gut with good bacteria.