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2 years of O

Today is the second anniversary of the day I met O.

It was 3pm and I was sitting in the lobby of the Harold Washington Library waiting for my first German lesson. I'd found a tutor in the paper a few days earlier. Originally I had planned to take a class, but the classes were more expensive and the schedule wasn't very flexible, so I decided to go with private lessons with a native German instead. Why did I want to learn German? Because I wanted to move there and figured I'd be doing myself a favor if I learned the language first.

I had expected the tutor to be older. And rotund. You know, from sausages and stuff.
But he wasn't. It was one of those "had me at 'hello'" moments.

The $25 lesson was well worth the money.

Of course it took me about a month to work up the nerve to ask him out for coffee, but whatever.

And now it is two years later and he'll be coming home with me to meet my parents this Thanksgiving. My God how time flies.
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