Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

The second day

The new job is going well.

My office is really nice although it would have been nice to get a window office. I'm on the 17th floor, so where there are windows the view is pretty nice. I could look down on Michigan Avenue from one of the conference rooms yesterday and see all the little shoppers out doing their post-Christmas shopping.

My desk is enormous and I've got a giant flat screen monitor. Neat-o. The super nice bonus feature is the Herman Miller Aeron chair, though.
I've got some office furniture here, too: a chair and a filing cabinet/end table in a little alcove across from my massive desk. I need to bring in a painting or two, though - my walls are so bare.

The cafeteria is sweet (subsidized by the company) and has a great salad bar, so now I won't have to pack a lunch every day. My old job had a cafeteria, too, but the food didn't look too good there, and it wasn't cheap.

As before, I am the only female on the entire interactive creative team. It is funny (and a little sad) to be the one single source of "women's perspective" at a giant agency like this.

A lot of people are still out on vacation so it's really quiet here. It's a nice way to start out, rather than jumping in when people are running around crazy trying to meet deadlines. I'll be getting my first brief later today, so I get to just chill until then. Nice.

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