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Visions of cabin fever

Friday: inch of snow, high 14, low 5, with windchill high 2 low -17
Saturday: flurries, high 8, low -4, with windchill high -13 low -28
Sunday: mostly cloudy, high 6, low 0, with windchill high -7 low -18
Monday: partly cloudy, high 4, low -7, with windchill high -18 low -33 (!!!!!)
Tuesday: partly cloudy, high 8, low 1, with windchill high -13 low -15

Looks like I'll be taking the bus and staying indoors. Fuck. I get restless so easy and hate to be cooped up - I guess I'll do my grocery shopping tonight while it's still warm enough to get around easily. This sort of weather sucks when you have no car.

On Saturday I'm going to de-crap my apartment.
On Sunday I'm going to try making a souffle.

Maybe tomorrow night I'll go out dancing. If I've gotta be indoors, I might as well be having fun, right?

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